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Hebei Province/Langfang City/Sanhe City others Educated/training 100-499 people
good environment
two-day weekends
convenient transportation
food and lodgings
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Yanjiao Cambridge School, formerly known a s Beijing Cambridge High School, is a full-time boarding school with more than 20 years of education experience, and has moved to Yanjiao of Sanhe City in 2013. It's the first private school in Yanjiao of Sanhe City, providing the education from kindergarten to senior school. At present, we have four c's education experience. Ampuses, including Shangshangcheng Sanji Campus, Chuangyigu Campus, Huaguan Campus, and Shouer Tiancheng Campus. And in September 2019, the fifth campus will be open. Now there are totally 2000 students at school. In 2015, we established the International Department of the primary school. The students from international classes can choose to study. Abroad at any stage.
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