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Beijing/Beijing/Pinggu District Private enterprises Educated/training Million RMB 20-99 people
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Beijing Pinggu Distant Sea Training School is a private school approved by Beijing Pinggu District Education Bureau in October 2018. It is located in Yingbin Garden at the southwest corner of Yingbin Island in Pinggu District. He also joined Tom's Home Children's English, which belongs to Beijing Capson Educational Technology Co., Ltd. And has cooperated with foreign research institutes and well-known publishing groups abroad courses.
"Tom's House" is an educational brand focusing on English education for young children and ecological learning of mother tongue. We introduce the American system and model of children's education into China to create a family-style English learning atmosphere with American characteristics. It is the first efficient learning center in China that focuses on children's and children's educational comfort. The curriculum is very interesting and experiential, and integrated into the learning arousal curriculum, focusing on attention, memory, thinking, observation and other five cognitive areas, to comprehensively improve children's psychological learning ability. As a high-end English Training Institute for children, we strive to create a more open, more comfortable, and more liberating immersion-style all-English learning environment for children. Coming to the center as if returning home, we can learn English comfortably and naturally.
"Tom's Home" children's English contains the most beautiful character that children need to possess in the process of growing up. Through rich and colorful curriculum content and extracurricular activities, it helps children deeply understand and carry out their daily behavior.
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