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Beijing Xiyu Ruibei Education Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiyu Ruidian Bar is a community library set up by Beijing Xiyu Ruibei Educational Technology Co., Ltd. for families. It connects reading, education and growth, and provides a systematic and original graded reading course, book borrowing, parent-child characteristic salon and Art Literacy enlightenment English learning club. Focus on providing all-English, all-scene, all-disciplinary, all-round graded reading literacy education services and rich club activities for children aged 3-12 in China. Focus on children, develop children's reading interests, rich knowledge and diverse cultural meanings through immersion in the environment, scientific guidance, club activities, parent-child reading and online tutoring. Understanding, good reading habits and lifelong learning ability can provide a step-by-step future literacy education for children and broaden their future choices.
Xiyu Ruirou, the English library beside you, the original English graded reading integration solution space, dedicated to becoming the "third space" for the growth of children in the community, so that children will love reading from now on! __________
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