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Nanchang Institute of Technology is a private undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education, invested by Nanchang Aerospace Science and Technology Group and managed by Jiangxi Provincial People's Government. In May 1999, the school was named Jiangxi Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology; in April 2001, it was approved by Jiangxi Provincial People's Government as Jiangxi Vocational College of Aerospace Science and Technology; in May 2005, the Ministry of Education approved it as a undergraduate university, named Nanchang Institute of Technology; in April 2009, it was approved as a bachelor's degree conferring unit by the Academic Degree Committee of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government; in 2012, the school passed the Ministry of Education's Edition In July 2015, the school signed an agreement with East China Jiaotong University to train postgraduates jointly, and in 2016, it formally began to train postgraduates jointly; in 2018, it was named the National Defense Education Characteristic School by the Ministry of Education; in November 2018, it passed the undergraduate teaching audit and evaluation by the Ministry of Education smoothly. The experts agreed that Nanchang Institute of Technology is the national demonstration. The model private colleges and universities have distinct characteristics of national defense education, and have achieved remarkable results in educating people with military spirit.
The school is located in "the place where the military flag is raised" - the heroic city of Nanchang, covering an area of 2.515 million square meters, with a total building area of more than 713,000 square meters.
The school has 18 colleges and three teaching departments which undertake undergraduate teaching, including computer information engineering, electromechanical engineering, electronics and information, aerospace, construction engineering, new energy and environmental engineering, engineering management, business management, finance and economics, humanities education, foreign languages, music, art and design, media, law, sports, advanced nursing, international exchange, etc. There are 25 784 full-time students, equivalent to 25 804 students.
The total assets of the school amounted to 18.0961 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching instruments and equipment was 18.38 million yuan. It has one national vocational education training base, three provincial experimental demonstration teaching centers, 244 laboratories and 255 practice training bases. The total area of the school library is 53,000 square meters, of which the graphic information center is 30,000 square meters. There are 5,426 reading seats, 3.05 million printed books, 736 Chinese paper periodicals, 8 foreign paper periodicals, 1.69 million electronic books and 7,746 electronic periodicals. China HowNet, Superstar, Wanfang, Emerald and other Chinese and foreign database 16.
There are 1 784 faculty members, including 1 285 full-time teachers, 806 full-time teachers with master's degree or above, accounting for 62.72% of full-time teachers, 463 teachers with senior professional titles, accounting for 36.03% of full-time teachers. Among the school teachers, 10 are granted special allowances by the State Council, 1 is a provincial engineering specialist with tens of millions of talents in the new century, 1 is a provincial engineering specialist with 555 outstanding talents in Ganpo, 2 is a discipline leader among young and middle-aged students in provincial universities, 15 are provincial backbone teachers and 2 are provincial teaching teams. Academician Ouyang Ziyuan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician Wang Zikun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are honorary principals and honorary directors of the Academic Committee.
The school actively serves the regional economic and social development, and has opened 59 undergraduate majors. It has formed a professional pattern of giving priority to engineering and managing the coordinated development of grammar and art education. The school's new energy science and engineering and military law are listed as the key disciplines of Jiangxi's universities in the 12th Five-Year Plan. There are three provincial excellent engineers training plan construction points, three provincial comprehensive reform pilot projects construction points, one national characteristic specialty, six provincial characteristic specialty construction points, 13 provincial excellent courses (excellent resources sharing courses), and two provincial talent training points. Nurturing model innovation experimental area.
In the past five years, the school has won 2 National Natural Science Foundation, 2 National Social Science Foundation, 1 Provincial Key Experiments, 1 Provincial Key Research Base for Cultural and Art Science, 1 Provincial Science Popularization Education Base, 1 Municipal Humanities and Social Science Base, 2 Second Prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress, 3 Excellent Teaching Achievements, 1 Second Prize for Excellent Achievements in Educational Science and 1 Prize for Provincial Society. Each of the first, second and third prizes for outstanding scientific achievements has won more than 30 prizes for scientific research achievements at or above the provincial level, 399 at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and 418 national patents. School teachers have published 160 monographs and textbooks, 2769 academic papers, of which 197 are the core of Chinese, and 102 are included in SCI, EI, ISTP and CSSCI.
The school's achievements have been highly praised by the leaders of the central and provincial departments and affirmed by the society. Li Weihong, then Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, visited the school and praised the school for its correct orientation, correct purpose, clear thinking, good ideas, strong characteristics and good leaders. Zhu Hong, then vice governor of Jiangxi Province in charge of education, visited the school. He praised the school for having a good legal person, a good idea, a good teaching staff and a good leading group. The school developed very well and healthily. He trained a large number of applied talents with strong practical ability for the economic and social development of Jiangxi Province, and created a good environment for the development of higher education. The fresh experience is worth summarizing and promoting. Chen Zhili, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, visited the school and fully affirmed the achievements made by the school.
The school adheres to the socialist orientation of running a school, upholds the principle of "Aerospace Science and Education, Revitalizing China", upholds the motto of "Science, Reality, Virtue and Innovation", and carries forward the spirit of "Aerospace Man with Special Hardship, Special Fighting Ability, Special Problem-solving Ability and Special Dedication". Through unremitting efforts and hard work, it aims to build a distinctive and high-level country. Famous private universities strive to realize the vision of a century-old famous university.
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