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Since its establishment in 1997, Chengdu Creative Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been devoting itself to helping leading multinational enterprises in various industries eliminate language barriers and promote technology communication in the process of international communication. Over the past 21 years, EC Innovations has focused on providing customized translation and localization solutions, collaborating with experts in various fields (SME) and applying advanced technology to meet customers'language service needs and budgets. It has grown rapidly from a single language service provider to one of the fastest growing multilingual service providers in the industry. EC Innovations now has 11 strategic branches worldwide, with more than 400 full-time employees, providing localization services in more than 120 languages for 260 countries and regions worldwide. EC Innovations continues to build itself into a customer-centered, quality-oriented and technological innovation enterprise, committed to bringing more added value to customers'localized projects.
We provide complete solutions:
EC Innovations supports major languages worldwide. Our translation and proofreading has a professional and technical background and many years of translation experience, and the target language of translation is our mother tongue, and has been strictly trained and certified by EC Innovations.
The main languages supported by EC Innovations include:
CCJK: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean
French, Italian, German, Spanish and other European languages
VITM: Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay and other Asian languages
We provide the following professional services:
- Translation
- localization
- Innovative Translation Project Process Automation Technology Solution ((TBMS-LPA)
- Customization Solutions for Web Sites, Documents, Software, Digital Media/Content, Online Learning
Create/enhance your proprietary localization projects using modular management techniques
With the rapid development of EC Innovations, we welcome talents with ability, quality, ideal and enthusiasm to join us. We believe that fair and transparent promotion system, fair and reasonable salary system, people-oriented corporate culture can bring you a comfortable working environment and ideal development prospects. Here is full of challenges and opportunities, enough to enable you to break through yourself and realize your dreams!
Company Address: No. 5 Jiuxing Avenue, Chengdu High-tech Zone, China
Postal code: 610041
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