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Penguin Family English is a fun English course designed for children aged 2 to 7 years, centered on the cute little penguin Ping Valley in the world-famous Penguin Family Animation Film Collection. It is very unique and the teaching effect is excellent, which sets a new model for children how to learn English reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Because it is in a safe and happy environment to teach and learn English happily, Penguin family English can be so successful. Penguin Family English is elaborately created by the 100-year-old LingGefeng Group, which has 109 years of language training specialty.
The most unique feature of Penguin Family English is that from the beginning of the course, students can be deeply attracted by the themes and situations that stimulate their interest, so that they can actively participate in learning, so they are more likely to lay a good foundation for lifelong learning of English. Students do not need any English foundation when they come to study here.
Establish confidence in mastering English from an early age
There are a variety of top-level multimedia teaching materials and tools to assist learning.
Continuous assessment of learning effectiveness to ensure final results
Develop basic creativity and other educational skills at the same time
Learning through a variety of interesting and all-round intellectual activities
The world's only fun English course for young children with lovely and lively Penguin Table Valley to accompany their learning and growth.
English Development of Penguin Family in China
Penguin Family English has been introduced into China by Meijim International. Up to now, Penguin Family Happy Children's English Center has been established in Beijing and Shenyang. At present, it is actively expanding its business to the whole of China, recruiting authorized business partners, and jointly introducing the Happy Children's English course, which truly integrates fun and teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, to the Chinese children of the right age.
The Penguin Family English Center is located all over the world.
Since 2008, the Penguin Family English Center has established a global network spanning Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Please refer to our global partnership map.
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