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Beijing/Beijing/Haidian District Private enterprises Online game 500Million RMB 20-99 people
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03-26 15:13
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Beijing Yihe Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional game translation Internet company. The company's core value is "focus on translation, dedicated service" and "improve user experience" as the core idea. We hope that through our professional level and unremitting efforts, customers can further obtain high-quality, high-level authoritative translation.
Based on the accuracy and rigor of traditional game translation, Beijing Yihe Information Technology Co., Ltd. puts forward an exclusive concept from "game translation" to "game creation translation". The aim is to combine the game language favored by the players with the traditional translation language, so that each product of the translation studio has its own unique game totem. Subvert the whole game translation industry.
Beijing Yihe Information Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in the three service tenets of "professionalism", "specificity" and "innovation", namely "two specialties, one new". Dozens of experienced translators are divided into different game translation departments according to the type of game. Whether it's a classic RTS, MOBA game, a tense STG shooting game, a hormone bursting SG sports game, or a variety of leisure games, the translation studio of Yihe Game can provide you with satisfactory translation answers.
Beijing Yihe Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the user needs as the core, while focusing on the development of the local market in Beijing, to provide the best quality, attentive translation services for more than tens of thousands of customers, win trust and praise for enterprises, and gradually establish a good brand of the company. The company not only provides professional website translation services, but also establishes a perfect after-sales service system to provide guidance and help for the problems and difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will surely open up a new world for the game translation industry.
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