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Shandong Province/Dezhou City/Decheng District Joint-stock company Educated/training Million RMB 500-999 people
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Terrace & Youfu Education and Training School is a new school in the urban area of Yujuan Education and Training School. Covering an area of nearly 600 square meters, the environment is superior and the teachers are abundant. Our school has been running for nine years. There are now four major campuses with more than 7000 students and 600 students. They have been unanimously recognized by parents and society.
Ness International English for Youth Education is the English Training Center for Young Children of all foreign teachers in the UK. Relying on Heiniman Publishing Group's American public primary school textbooks and 80% of the schools popular in the UK, Oxford Reading Tree, which has been recognized by global education experts, and Online + offline teaching mode, is well received by students and parents. At present, it is popular in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, Henan and so on. There are branches all over the country, so that children can enjoy the world's leading edge of English teaching at home! Online + offline teaching combined with school-specific supporting teaching APP, teachers combined with offline teaching content, in the software release homework, oral assessment, video dubbing, there are a large number of picture book resources and public primary school textbooks. English is divided into two parts: one is Pre-school English for Foreign Teachers + English Original Picture Book; the other is Primary School English for Foreign Teachers + Synchronized Textbooks.
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