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Cambridge International Education (China) is based on the Cambridge University Examination Band 5 system, the United States Junior and High School Examination system, using internationalization.
Teaching methods, specializing in the cultivation of domestic primary and secondary school students'English and other subjects learning ability, and counseling the education and training of famous domestic and international schools
Training center. Its purpose is to use the best educational resources to cultivate and tap the potential of students, discover their talents and make them wise.
All-round development of quotient, emotional quotient, moral quotient and counter-quotient can promote students'growth, success and talent.
The core teachers of Cambridge International Education (China) are all graduates from Cambridge University, Oxford University and Harvard University.
Successful and well-educated students from famous schools. Its expert group is accredited by the elite of international educational publishing circles, well-known English experts at home and abroad, and by Cambridge University.
Senior Teacher Training Officers. It not only has the world's leading high-quality education culture and publishing resources, but also has excellent education services.
Experience and ability.
Cambridge International Education (China) is headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing. It is located in Haidian Cultural Building, Xidan, Century City and Princess of Beijing.
There are 10 campuses in graves, Baiyun Road, Guangqumen, Wangjing, Yangpu and Jinshan in Shanghai. The campuses are all over 500 square meters each.
Each campus adopts advanced electronic teaching equipment, which creates a good environment for students'learning.
Since its establishment, Cambridge International Education (China) has trained students to pass FCE in the Cambridge University Examination System over the years.
In the first CAE examination held in mainland China, Cambridge International Education received the Cambridge ESOL with the highest pass rate of 80%.
Appreciate and cultivate countless excellent students. Cambridge International Education in the Future is not only to train the best Chinese teenagers in English, but also to train the best Chinese teenagers in English.
China has trained a number of innovative international leaders.
Cambridge International Education (China) has a large number of children who have become "cowboys" in Beijing and have been admitted to their ideal secondary school.
Just because of their good exam results, the most important thing is that they can not do without these: broadening their horizons, looking at the world, expanding their knowledge, etc.
Be diligent in thinking and improve inner self-cultivation; form the habit of independence and autonomy, innovative thinking and speculative ability; do anything with passion and thinking
Dream, dare to challenge, be good at analysis, understand the principle and importance of doing things. Many parents look at their children and say excitedly:
"It's amazing that my children have grown up differently."
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