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Jiangsu Province/Nantong City/Haimen City Private enterprises Educated/training 500Million RMB under 20 people
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MAMALOOK is the educational brand of Beijing Lizkow International Education Investment Management Co., Ltd. adhering to the corporate culture concept of "Careful, Far Away", we are committed to providing a high-quality all-English learning environment for children aged 2-6 years. There are three major products under the company's banner: Marco International Family Center, Marco Children's English and Ritz International Bilingual Kindergarten.
Since the establishment of the brand in 2010, after two years of accumulation and precipitation, the flagship store has developed rapidly, with the number of trainees exceeding 2000. In 2013, in collaboration with Chuang Er Xin (China), an international educational giant with common teaching ideas, and McMillan, one of the three major international publishing houses, a new generation of children's English teaching curriculum for Chinese children aged 2-6, Mallorco Children's English, was launched. It will bring new teaching methods and modes to Chinese children's English training.
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