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Chongqing/Chongqing/Wanzhou District Private enterprises Educated/training 50Million RMB under 20 people
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New baby-friendly, one of the top ten early education brands in China, is the official brand of Montessori Education in China, an international member school of American Montessori Association (AMS), and a global competitive brand of enlightenment education. It enjoys a high reputation in the global early education industry. At present, there are 800 + stores in 400 + cities in China.
New baby-friendly, focusing on the early education of 0-6-year-old babies for 15 years, serves the custody of 1.5-3-year-old babies. The eight major intellectuals of the new baby-friendly early childhood education are all-round developed to cultivate the overall quality and personality of the baby.
New baby-friendly Wanzhou Park provides bilingual, full-care and early childcare services for elite families.
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