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Lulu Magic English Course features:
Creating a Formal All-English Classroom
6-9 year-old students'curriculum system:
1. Phonic follows the pattern of Chinese phonetic spelling. It decomposes letters and letter combinations, reads words and recites words simply and meaningfully. Teacher Lulu compiles self-spelling textbooks by combining first-grade vocabulary and sentence patterns.
2. First grade questions and listening exercises, summarize and highlight the first grade examination points.
Learn all kinds of answering skills and methods, young convergence, easy admission, easy examination.
3. Oxford Children's English, the original English textbook, has deepened and broadened on the basis of the new standards of primary school textbooks, thus making children's English learning easy and pleasant, and improving rapidly.
4. Multimedia teaching, advanced ppt games, classroom competition mechanism to exercise children's teamwork spirit, teaching in English, practice listening. Teacher Lulu's class has no Chinese (just english)
High-end, high-quality teaching service
1. Write voice questions and practice oral English. Every Monday, students read the content of this week's study by voice on Wechat. Teacher Lulu will check and comment on it one by one.
2. Seal exchange. To stimulate children's interest in learning, Lulu's gifts are very special!
3. Each semester's oral contest and writing contest provide children with a stage to show themselves.
4. Monthly parent-child class, let parents and children experience English lessons together.
5. Upon entering primary school, a week before the exam is presented with an excellent class, preparing for the exam, and having no worries about the exam.
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