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Inner Mongolia/Chifeng City Private enterprises Educated/training 50Million RMB 20-99 people
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The headquarters of Jinze Group is located at 238 North Second Ring West Shijiazhuang City. It is a cutting-edge company which mainly focuses on education and diversifies its business development. Under the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang Jinze Culture and Art Training School, Shijiazhuang Meihua Vocational High School, Shijiazhuang Xinsida School, Shijiazhuang Rhyme Star Art Training School, Shijiazhuang Jinbeijia Kindergarten, Hebei Silver Point Investment Co., Ltd., Hebei Silver Point Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd.
The group aims to build a high-quality education service complex, give full play to the competitive advantages of both Kanazawa education and industry, and adhere to the principle of "service first, customer-oriented". In line with the idea of compliance management, market orientation, value creation and social service, adhering to the corporate mission of "educating and serving the country, pursuing excellence, serving customers and achieving employees", as well as all the concepts for the growth and future of children, help students grow up healthily and achieve their dreams.
From June 2003 to now, after 15 years of rapid development, Jinze Education Group has achieved multi-dimensional coverage in the fields of education from kindergarten, children's art and culture training, primary and secondary school students'culture lesson guidance, to full-time senior high school art and culture lesson training, adult education and University Students' professional qualification training; 12 primary and secondary school extra-curricular guidance campuses; 2 Art and high school culture training campuses. (Shijiazhuang, Baoding 1 each); 2 schools for children's cultural and artistic training; 2 middle and high-end kindergartens; 1 training school for professional qualification examination; 2 high-standard full-time vocational high schools, covering Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Beijing and other places.
Jinze Group adheres to the enterprise spirit of "trust, progress, equality and sharing", attracting and gathering a large number of high-end talents, driving the rapid development of enterprises, with annual turnover of hundreds of millions of yuan. There are more than 800 employees in the group, with 80% of the staff above undergraduate level and more than 300 excellent full-time teachers, with 46% of the senior technical titles.
At present, there are 10,000 students in Jinze Group every year. With high-quality teaching results and first-class teaching services, Jinze Group has won high-quality social reputation, and won many provincial and municipal honorary medals, becoming a well-known first-line brand in the provincial capital.
In December 2014, the Group was awarded "Top Ten Educational and Training Institutions in Hebei Province" and "The Most Influential Educational Brand in Hebei Province". In the same year, Mr. Li Zeng, President of the Group, was awarded the honor of outstanding trainers in Hebei Province.
In October 2016, the group won the honors of "China Education and Training Alliance Board Unit" and "Shijiazhuang Civil Education Association - Vice President Unit".
In May 2017, the group was awarded "I love education informationization hundred city model base" and "Shijiazhuang Private Education - characteristic school" in September of the same year.
In 2018, the group won the honors of "China Education Brand School in 2017", "Unit of Stressing Responsibility and Keeping Credit", "China Private Education Digital Upgrading Normal School".
Jinze Group will strictly abide by various laws and policies, standardize school-running, provide high-quality teachers and services, meet the needs of students and parents, contribute to the cultivation of outstanding talents, build a billion-level development platform, create a century-old Jinze.
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