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Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan District Private enterprises Building & Construction 1000Million RMB 100-499 people
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Shenzhen Hanbo Landscape and Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd. is an engineering design platform which provides comprehensive professional services for urban and rural construction and development. With landscape design as the core, it provides systematic and comprehensive solutions from land use analysis, project planning to urban design, project management, ecological technology consultation, etc. It also provides urban public space, green space system planning and water ecological restoration. Agricultural sightseeing, commercial complex and high-end residential buildings, industrial site renovation, urban renewal, industrial parks, landscape signs and other fields have a high reputation and influence. They are supported by the original cultural industry funds of Shenzhen, and are also high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen and the state.
Since its establishment, it has developed into a design team composed of Shenzhen Hamburg Landscape and Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Hamburg International Design Consultant (USA) Los Angeles Machine Firm, Hamburg Hong Kong Company, Hamburg Shandong Company, Hamburg Kunming Company and Hamburg Xi'an Company. The project covers all parts of the country.
At the same time, Hamburg has cooperated with Vanke Group, Merchants Shekou, CIMC City, Hong Kong China Travel Group, Greentown Group, CITIC Group, Jindi Group, Poly and other well-known enterprises and government units to design a number of representative projects, such as the upgrading of the former Haiguiwan area in Shenzhen, Shenzhen International (Daguang) Biological Valley, Shekou and Prince Bay Planning Guidelines and Coastal Life. Shoreline, Shenzhen Talent Park, Shenzhen Fangdacheng, Maritime World, Tian'an Yungu, Shekou Netgu, South University of Science and Technology (Phase II), Yunnan Runcheng, Zhuhai Cuihu Xiangshan International Garden, Hangzhou Wanke Zitai, Yangjiang Zhongji International City, Shenzhen Baoan Xiwan Park, Hunan Modern Agricultural Exhibition Park (Wanlu World), Shenzhen Nanaoxu Town Planning, etc. Implement it all the time and create a beautiful environment with humanity.
Hamburg has Grade A qualification of national landscape architecture project design, Grade B qualification of urban and rural planning, Grade B qualification of Municipal Industry and Grade C qualification of architectural design. It is deputy director unit of Shenzhen Survey and Design Association and member unit of ASLA in the United States. It has been a contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise for three consecutive years. By integrating resources, providing landscape, architecture, art and engineering construction services across disciplines, regions and cultures, and making innovations on the basis of maximum cost control and economic and cultural synergies, we will continue to take "creating an ecological new city model for China" as our mission and strive to provide more valuable integrated services and create sustainable development in the process of Urbanization in China. Public space and living environment.
Through the combination of art and technology, create a harmonious and vibrant environment. Combining art and technology, create a
Harmonious and lively environment.
Creating the Model of Ecological New Town for China
Hope Design Company was originally founded in the United States. Now, the company has several divisions including Hope International Design & amp; Consult (America) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hope Landscape, Architecture and Planning Co., Ltd., and a branch company in Shandong. At the mean time, Hope Design Company has been qualified for landscaping design N The country by the Ministry of Construction of China.
Hope Design is a cutting-edge design team, which converges and integrates planning, architecture, landscape, Interior Design, construction, management, and other professional design talents and resources, to provide customers a full range of design customized services according to their different needs. Hope Design is a service-oriented enterprise. Which continuous create value for the customers. Resource integration is the core competitiveness and direction of development of Hope Design.
Hope Design Business scope covers: commercial district, office area, headquarters park, residential area, villa area, high-end hotel, open space and waterfront landscape design. Other municipal projects, tourist resort project planning, large-scale integrated development project planning, architectural design, land use planning, project evaluation And consulting.
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