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Guangdong/Shenzhen/Futian District Private enterprises Other Industry 500Million RMB 100-499 people
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Shenzhen Hansa Kanto Commercial Space Design Co., Ltd., located in Zhongfen Design Park, Shenzhen, is an important department of Saiyang Enterprise Group. It provides customers with support and solutions in the process of identifying unique and diversified solutions for all relevant stores. The highly specialized designers of Shenzhen Hansa Cantor Commercial Space Design Co., Ltd. continuously provide brand-new overall shopping mall solutions, while providing computer simulation and refreshing layout effects close to the actual effect.
Whether it is a large shopping mall, a professional or boutique shopping mall, a single professional sales department or a so-called shopping mall in the market, experienced designers can take into account the special wishes of customers, and give the latest solutions and combinatorial design in the process of scheme design, such as the latest trends in commodity positioning, lighting and color, etc.
The design center can also be entrusted to provide customers with the overall design services of shopping malls.
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