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Chongqing City/Chongqing City/banan district others Educated/training 1Million RMB 20-99 people
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The Pioneer English School, whose teaching and researching level are the highest in Banan District, is also the largest professional English training school in the area. Our school's indicators are far ahead in Banan District and our students are from all parts of CQ.
We've always been insisting on our quality-oriented policy since our foundation. At the very beginning, there were only 4 students. However,with 13 years of development, the Pioneer English School has expanded into a professional English training school with more than one thousand students. All of the students are attracted by our stability, efficiency and scientific teaching quality and our fruitful teaching results. Therefore, there is no enrollment department in our school and we never applied any advertising techniques. Our popularization owes to the fruitful teaching results and the reputation is spread via greatly satisfied parents. Outstanding students from our school can be seen in all the prestigious schools in CQ. With good English learning methods, they win the first prize of their own grade.
Our school is located in Banan district, and a large proportion of our students are from Qinghua Middle School, most of whom have been ranking first in all grades. The average scores of Senior Middle School entrance examination, as well as the average scores of each grade in junior middle school have been higher than 140 points each year since our establishment. Among all the students who graduated from Qinghua Middle School in 2014, the top ten students in English were from our school. There are particularly excellent students like Xiao Shiyi and Tao Zixi, both of whom got good grades in examinations. Xiao Shiyi took the TOEFL exam in her first year of Senior Middle School without preparation and got 107 points. Tao Zixi took the IELTS in her first year of Senior High School without preparation and got 7.5 points. Besides, Tao Zixi got 147 points in her college entrance examination.
Our school has very excellent team of highly responsible teachers. All the teachers have strong professional ability and high level of teaching, which is TEM-8-certificated. We have a lifelong employment system for teachers and have always guaranteed that the faculty is stable and no teacher leaves.What's more, there are no part-time teachers in our school. All classes are taught by full-time teachers.
The Pioneer English School will continue working hard to achieve the ambitious goal of “building the best English school".
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