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Hebei Province/Shijiazhuang City/Qiaoxi District Private enterprises Educated/training 300Million RMB 20-99 people
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06-28 10:28
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Winter, an international recruiting agency in China, which is looking for the foreign talents all over the world. Our main business is to help foreign talents to find their ideal jobs all over China. Ish etc..
We have a rich experience and unique advantage in cooperation, which insure you can start to work smoothly and protect your rights equally.
We want you to be active, enthusiastic and full of passion, ages and nationalities are not restrictive conditions. If you are interested in China and plan to have a fantastic experience in China, cooperating with our company is your best choice. And we will provide you a safe and perfect job which Make you satisfied with it.
So, if you are ready to work in China, and visit the beautiful country, just contact us directly!
We are always waiting for you!
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