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Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan District Private enterprises Educated/training 200Million RMB under 20 people
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NFree English was founded in 2017 with English education as its core. NFree English has Chinese and foreign teachers, who are all focused on providing practical-oriented English subject courses and related services for the children over four years old from the families, institutions, schools and community S. Based on the learning method of'situation input + practice output'and the core value of'New, Norm and Nature", NFree English adopts innovative'N+1' and'Sports+'modes to integrate more happy elements into the classroom, release the innate nature of each child and stimula Te their potential.
NFree English currently has more than 100 students. With the `N + 1'courses and weekend outdoor activities, NFree English is well received by parent s and children. In addition, NFree English has in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen's largest parent-child platforms.
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