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Beijing/Beijing/Changping District Joint-stock company Farming/Forestry/Animal Husban 63114Million RMB 1000-9999 people
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Inner Mongolia Horqin Cattle Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Tongliao City, the hinterland of Horqin grassland. It was founded on June 20, 2002. After 16 years of development, the company has built a full-scale production chain model of feed planting, cow breeding, fattening cattle breeding, slaughtering and processing, beef products production, online and offline sales. There are 43 molecular companies and more than 2000 employees in all parts of the country. The company's "Horqin" brand has been continuously appraised as a well-known trademark in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region since 2002, and in 2005 it was recognized as a "well-known trademark in China" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. "Horqin" brand beef enjoys high reputation at home and abroad for its advantages of safety, nutrition and natural pollution-free "green food" and other advantages. For five consecutive years, they are suppliers of the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, the World Expo, the Universiade and the Asian Sands Games. In 2010, the company's beef cattle breeding and beef product processing were approved by China Quality Certification Center (CQC), and became the first organic beef certification enterprise in China. In September 2016, the company was awarded a bronze medal member of the World Meat Organization. It is the first time that China's beef industry has entered this international authoritative organization, and it is also the only beef enterprise currently absorbed. In line with the management concept of "food industry, moral industry", through modern planting industry, developing large-scale aquaculture industry, improving industrial chain, reducing production costs, ensuring food safety, improving product competitiveness, the company has formed a modern whole industry chain development model with Horqin cattle industry characteristics.
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