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Guangdong Province/Guangzhou City Listed company Educated/training Million RMB 100-499 people
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Elite Education
Guangzhou Elite Education Co.Ltd. (Elite Education ) is an overseas study examination training and recruit institute .which was co-founded by China Study Association, Guangdong Translation Association and GZL Overseas Consulting Service Co. Ltd.

GZL is one of the largest and most well-known overseas service organizations in the southern China area.The company is committed to diversified services such as studying abroad,immigration ,visa ,travel ,
overseas investment ,tourism studies ,language training and elite talents .After more than thirty years of brand reputation and nearly twenty years of professional accumulation ,the company has carefully built and first brand image of “Elite Abroad”,a professional and honest industry which is committed to proving a real one -stop service for customers.

Our aim is to introduce English in much the same manner as a child's first language is discovered. Through a wide range of stimulating activities and situations, learners acquire English naturally. It is our philosophy to nurture happy, well-rounded, curious, and confident children. We give children the confidence they need to cultivate positive social skills and self-esteem. Our students become confident English speakers.
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