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Guangdong / Guangzhou / Liwan District Private enterprises Educated/training Million RMB under 20 people
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Guangzhou Huimei International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is an organization of the culture and education exchange between China and the United States. We will integrate high-quality educational resources of the East coast, to establish long-term cooperative relations with many K-12 schools, to Provide the most direct, the most authentic, and the most effective idea of American education and school information to students and parents.Through a variety of cultural studies and exchange activities, we will break the problems of Sino-American teaching information disparity and cultural diff Erences, and effectively build a bridge to modern education for teachers, students, and parents in China and the United States.
The new media publicity platform constructed by the exchange center, analyze the advantages and characteristics of every American school, and provide the real situation of the American schools for the Chinese students and their parents to study in the US, and help them choose the schools that are ar. E suitable for them. American schools also use this new media platform to solve the problem of Chinese students.
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