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Shanghai / Shanghai / Xuhui District Private enterprises Hotel/travel 100Million RMB 100-499 people
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Located on Yongfu Road, Shanghai, the MCC Yongfu Club is a European-style building built at the beginning of the last century. It has undergone several changes: in the 1950s, it was the official residence of Shao Ankun, a renowned doctor of Ruijin Hospital, and in the 21 years after 1980, it was the British Consulate. In 2001, it was rented to Xingguo Hotel by Zhao Yunzhe and Wang Xingzheng, two current bosses. I want to build a private club. After 3 years of fine drilling, Yongfu finally came into being. In 2013, many businessmen invested in stocks, and eventually the son of the wealthy businessman of the leading global industrial enterprises became the second largest shareholder of Yongfu with a 55% stake of $198 million.
Yongfu Society reconstructed the past, grasping the unique-quot of that era; when the East meets the West-quot;. The tablets and couplets in the living room of the big families were installed on the European fireplace of the new families. The bed of Miss Qianjin in the Ming Dynasty and the Fendi sofa in the 1960s and quot were all right. The ceramic cups with Mao Zedong's head were stubbornly put together with the English tea cups with big red background.
Yongfuhui itself is a work of art. It has an unbearable boudoir temperament. People here think only of how to melt themselves in peace and quiet, perhaps just by the window in the sunshine house on the second floor, drinking tea. The lamp on the desk is mosaic with tortoise shell. The wallpaper is dark blue velvet. The mantle is dark red hand-sewn peacock hair. The 13 elliptical mirrors on the wall are carefully polished and worn in Italy, imitating a Victorian mirror collected by Wang Xingzheng. No one can afford to change the owner's luxury like this. Every festival, unlike other places wantonly thematic layout, this side is only to take existing articles as articles, add some small items to highlight the festival, in the details to reflect the theme.
In other words, " food, color and sex are also " many of them come to " and eat ". Shanghai cuisine is very particular about soy sauce. Yongfu's soy sauce is secret. There is an exclusive secret recipe. It is worth a try to combine " and sauce with sauce and duck, chicken and so on. The sauce is ". " the grass head " in the grass, the essence is selected, and shrimps are naturally artificially stripped. Simple and single bowl of mung bean soup is steamed, sugar, and then steamed, which is far different from the rough boiled with water.
Yongfuhui's membership fee of up to 10 thousand ~2 yuan is still in the rush. A t the same time, a s o n e of the few League c l u b s of IAC (I n t e r n a t i o n a l A s s o C I a t i o n of C l u b s of I n t e r n a t i o n a l A s o C I a t e u b s) i n China, members of Yongfu C l u b have the right t o enjoy more than 130 top private c l u b s i n the world. Members C A N receive the reception gift of IAC member c l u b s only through the referral of Yongfu C l u B. Meet.
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