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Guangdong/Guangzhou/Tianhe District Private enterprises Computer software/hardware 2000Million RMB 100-499 people
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Guangdong Black Net Technology Co., Ltd. - ESSA (officially launched in July 2018 under the Chinese name "Yicai"), was founded in 2006.
ESSA has 12 years of history, we have a deep industry accumulation! But this only represents the past, we need to pay more attention to the future!
ESSA is committed to providing the best online procurement service for overseas toy purchasers. In the future, we will expand horizontally to other categories.
At present, 20% of global toy purchasers use online procurement services provided by ESSA. ESSA has been striving to enhance the value of services, integrate and realize online services that truly bring value to users. ESSA has set up supply chain service centers in Yiwu and Shantou, equipped with professional supply chain support team, 8000 square meters physical exhibition hall and 4000 square meters storage space. More than 20,000 domestic suppliers cooperate with ESSA to provide quality Chinese-made goods to global purchasers.
ESSA people have a dream: to make ESSA. CN the most trustworthy cross-border trading platform in the world, to enable global buyers to purchase the most profitable goods on ESSA platform, and to help domestic small and medium-sized manufacturers sell more goods to the world.
ESSA currently has about 200 dreamers and doers, who are new to the Internet, but have an ambition to "subvert the whole traditional foreign trade model"! Although they will be confused and tired, but they have always been fierce fighting spirit!
Passionate, energetic, intelligent, self-introspective, positive energy, decisiveness and courage are the common characteristics of ESSA people. ESSA hopes to have more like-minded students to join us and create the future of ESSA together!
ESSA Platform: www.essa.cn
Company address
Guangzhou Headquarters: Room 1003, Block A, Fuli Yingtai, 100 Huangpu Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Shantou Company: The first floor of Guangfeng Industrial Zone, Dengfeng Road, Guangyi Street, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province;
Yiwu Company: Room 1708, 17th floor, Yiwu International Business Center, Zhejiang Province;
Russian companies: 25130, Moscow, Staropetrovsky proezd, D. 7A, P. 25, office 7
Join us and you will enjoy the following treatment:
1. Salary bandwidth, year-end awards, annual salary grading opportunities, that is, the purchase of five insurance;
2. Statutory holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, sick leave, etc. shall implement the Guangzhou standard;
3. Nine to six, five days and eight hours flexible working system, full-time incentives;
4. Festival gifts, age allowances, wedding gifts, special awards for senior employees;
5. Various staff activities, such as staff travel, regular dinner, outdoor development, afternoon tea, etc.
6. Good working environment, active and open working atmosphere, very nice leadership;
7. Employees at or above the executive level (technical senior title) enjoy the original stock option incentive of the company;
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two-day weekends
Five social insurance and one
convenient transportation
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