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Sichuan / Chengdu / Wuhou District Private enterprises Computer software/hardware 50Million RMB 100-499 people
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Chengdu Yiyi Science and Technology is a high-speed development of high-tech software enterprises, specializing in data security software services.
Since its establishment 14 years ago, the company has grown into a world-renowned data security software enterprise, and has close cooperation with many well-known foreign enterprises. Our business covers 160 markets in Asia, America, Europe and the Pacific, grasps the core technology of its system bottom and file format, and establishes an excellent national brand.
The company was awarded "Key Software Enterprises in the National Planning and Distribution in 2016", which was awarded by Sichuan Economic and Credit Commission and Sichuan Development and Reform Commission. There are only 13 enterprises in Sichuan, including Tencent (Chengdu), Alibaba (Chengdu), TCL (Chengdu), and Chuanda Zhisheng.
The company's ultimate direction of development is to provide enterprise data security solutions through the accumulation of security products.
Due to the expanding market demand, we look forward to more talented people who are willing to grow with the company to join the company.
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