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Sichuan / Chengdu / Qingyang District Private enterprises Film/television Million RMB 20-99 people
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Deep dubbing network is a professional Internet dubbing platform, which was established in 2006. It is a well-known dubbing website with good reputation in China. The platform provides various dubbing production uniforms, such as thematic dubbing, propaganda dubbing, advertising dubbing, foreign language dubbing, dialect dubbing, animation dubbing, film and television dubbing, music sound effect, translation, etc. Business, and perfect order management, balance inquiry, online payment recharge, invoice management, personal collection and other functions experience. The platform has the first-class professional voice professionals and Internet technical personnel in China. With professional quality and dedicated service, the company has become a trusted voice brand by customers. Deep dubbing always upholds the corporate mission of "creating value for users", follows the concept of comprehensive, authoritative, inclusive, objective and in-depth content development, and strives to create "deep dubbing".
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