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Shanghai / Shanghai / Yangpu District Private enterprises Educated/training 500Million RMB 20-99 people
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In order to start the brand of early education institutions, the Children's National Nursing Service Center was founded in 2005. After more than 10 years of practice, we have formed a front-line concept, mature structure and complete application of curriculum system. The brand is based in Shanghai, relying on the rich resources of educational experts from Fudan University and East China Normal University. It integrates the essence of early education at home and abroad and the frontier concepts and methods, and is committed to the healthy growth of children's body and mind. In 2017, the brand changed the name of its education center to "Children's Country" and selected elephants as the brand image to convey, because elephants rank first in the animal world in maternal love. She is not only a good mother who patiently raises children, but also a typical representative of community raising. With "day care + parent-child early education" as the main service for children aged 0-3 years, combined with the advantages of cloud data monitoring service for healthy growth owned by the brand, it provides health escort for children in kindergartens and guidance for parents'upbringing through parents' classroom. At present, the entity center covers Beijing, Shanghai, Guiyang and other areas, and has become a far-reaching nursery institution in Shanghai and throughout the country.
Children's country brand consists of five layers of logic: baby life circle, family circle, community resource circle, child health circle and early education circle. It divides 0-3 years old into three stages according to the principle of "service product, product visualization", and makes children's country brand the most professional child growth in China. Nurses, the warmest family nurturing companions, are the most nurturing operation support experts.
The family of children's kingdom is composed of such nurturing talents. We are committed to better embody our experience and inspiration in the products and services of children's kingdom, to care for and accompany more families and children, to enable parents to nurture children scientifically and easily, and to enable children to grow up naturally and happily. If you have passion and willingness to achieve self worth, welcome to our big family.
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