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Sichuan province / Chengdu City Private enterprises Educated/training 1000Million RMB 1000-9999 people
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Since the first kindergarten was founded in 1993, Golden Apple Preschool Education Group has gone through more than 20 years of development. It is a professional education group with great brand influence in Western China, which specializes in preschool education of 2-6 years old, early education of 0-3 years old and children's survival experience. It is controlled by golden apple education investment (Group) limited liability company.
The group currently has 20 infant and child convergence centers, 40 high-end kindergartens, more than 10,000 children in kindergartens, more than 2,000 teachers and staff; has established preschool education research center, International Education Exchange center, human resources center, logistics and safety center, administrative center, health care center, career development center, planning and publicity The center, information technology center and other nine first-level departments, the headquarters of the center with its good management strength to support the quality of the growth and development of the park.
Since the founding of the park, collectives and individuals have won nearly a thousand awards at various levels, including the state, provinces and municipalities. They have published hundreds of papers and essays in such journals as Pre-school Education Research, Early Education, Pre-school Education and Shanghai Kindergarten, and won more than a thousand awards at all levels in papers and professional competitions of the whole country, provinces and cities. . The preschool education research center has summarized the achievements of more than 20 years of scientific research, and has taken the lead in publishing the Kindergarten Integrative Education Activity Program, the Kindergarten Activity Package, I'm Going to Primary School, Hello Percy, etc. in collaboration with preschool education experts and institutions of higher learning at home and abroad. Under the guidance of a famous Chinese educationist, vice-chairman of China Preschool Education Research Association and Professor Zhu Jiaxiong of East China Normal University School of Preschool and Special Education, the Joint University experts re-published "DIY of Multiple Intelligences" (infants, small, medium and large classes) "Happy Playing Mathematics" (1st, 2nd and 3rd levels) in 2009. "I'm going to elementary school - language intelligence", "I'm going to elementary school - mathematical logic intelligence", "PAT early education program", and foreign second language education experts jointly compiled the "Hello Daisy", "Hello Daisy (English Learning Set)" and other kindergarten-specific English teaching, textbooks, homework paper and "Entry Treasure Book" "Children's Health Observation Manual" and "Every Day of Me", together with Chengdu Longjiang Road Primary School (South District), Chengdu Golden Apple Public School, jointly compiled the "Enrollment Treasure" and other handbooks to provide family education counseling and home exchanges.
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