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Zhejiang province / Hangzhou City Private enterprises medical/beauty treatments/heal Million RMB 20-99 people
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It is better to lose money than to lose honesty, and to be worthy of the sky. Hangzhou Fenxiang Science and Technology Services Co., Ltd. takes sincerity as the axis and credit as the radius, mainly engaged in medical equipment, biotechnology, technology development, technical consultation, technology transfer and technical services; medical related topics, scientific research achievements, research funds, patent applications and registration; Medical Project evaluation, scientific research projects, research projects, and so on. Feasibility report, project application, business plan, project proposal, investment plan and benefit evaluation report are revised; medical academic exchange, medical education, application and evaluation of medical science and technology projects are carried out; entrusted project tasks are undertaken by accepting units; medicine, SCI, nursing modification, etc.
After 19 years of development and expansion, medical and medical project reports and project tenders have been approved by provincial and municipal scientific and technological institutions; currently there are 6 senior registered consultants, 5 registered assessors, 7 senior engineers, 2 certified public accountants, 2 cost engineers, 3 registered senior project managers; and 3 intermediate cost engineers and accountants. It is composed of professionals such as cost engineers and so on.
The team has good professional ethics and professional ethics, and won the trust and praise of our customers. The Institute has different professional fields and technical expertise, professional personnel have been competent for a variety of types of projects and investment advisory services.
We are dedicated attitude, professional spirit, rich experience, down-to-earth style, first-class level to meet your needs, dedicated to serving you;
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