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Shanghai / Shanghai / Pudong New Area wholly foreign-owned Eletron/semiconductor/unicircu 900Million USD Over 10000 people
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NVIDIA: AI computing company
Artificial intelligence has been the dream of computer scientists for more than half a century, and it will no longer be just a science fiction scenario. In the next few years, AI will bring changes to every industry. In the near future, self driving cars will reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety. Artificial Intelligence Travel Agency will arrange every detail for your family vacation by understanding your preferences. Medical instruments also read and understand patients'DNA to detect early signs of cancer and treat it as soon as possible. Once upon a time, the engine made man stronger and helped lead to the first industrial revolution; and artificial intelligence would make man more intelligent and set off the next industrial revolution. What made this intelligent industrial revolution possible? The answer is GPU-based in-depth learning, a new computing model that allows computers to learn from data and write complex software that humans can't write. More information about NVIDIA NVIDIA is welcome to visit website https:www.nvidia.cn.
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