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Fujian / Xiamen / Jimei District Private enterprises Internet/E-commerce 50Million RMB 20-99 people
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02-21 14:21
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Xiamen Xiaoyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. has been involved in the foreign trade e-commerce industry since 2006. It has witnessed the brilliant development of e-commerce, and has accumulated rich experience and resources in the on-line promotion of foreign trade products. We focus on foreign trade B2C small wholesale and retail areas, the team has successfully operated dozens of vertical B2C sites, covering the industry including clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, sports goods and so on. Since its inception, the company has accumulated millions of customers worldwide online shopping, sales performance has achieved stable and rapid growth. With many well-known domestic suppliers have a good cooperative relationship, rich product line, truly let overseas customers enjoy the fastest, most convenient, the most advanced service, the most cost-effective, competitive products, enjoy a good reputation in the overseas market.
The company has a number of operation centers, with more than 60 high-quality e-commerce personnel, is striving to achieve leap-forward development, show passion and dream, harvest joy and success. The company has always attached importance to resources, talents, customers, the pursuit of progress and innovation, and strive to always march on the track of rapid development, leading the trend of China's overseas e-commerce development.  
Our attitude: integrity, smile, interaction, communication, innovation and cooperation.
Our outlook on talent: pay retained talent, emotional retained talent, culture retained talent, post retained talent, pay more attention to career retained talent, opportunity retained talent, development retained talent.
We welcome those outstanding industry elites, and also look forward to those who are willing to go forward. We strive to establish an entrepreneurial team and establish an honest and open communication mechanism. Our desire: constantly improve the corporate culture, so that you love e-commerce, give full play to and display themselves.
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