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Chongqing / Chongqing / Shapingba District Private enterprises Educated/training 50Million RMB 20-99 people
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Shi Tuo English is an expert on off campus education in English. Vista set up a life cycle education system with the growth of students, tailor-made personalized learning programs for students. Major courses include personalized tailor-made courses, overseas study courses, new immigration courses, industry English, exam-oriented guidance, zero-based introduction, interactive APP games and other vivid courses, in the form of 1-to-1 intimate service, small class, large class teaching, etc., to help each student achieve the most ideal goal.
Starting from cultivating students'interest in English, Shi Tuo gradually increases their confidence in learning. From passive learning to active learning and active use, Shi Tuo is not only obviously improving his grades, but also good at solving practical problems in English. He is trained in multi-thinking, acquires the ability of cross-cultural communication, and surpasses the vision of his peers. Wild.
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