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Beijing / Beijing / Haidian District wholly foreign-owned Vehicle/motorcycles/Spare Part Million USD 20-99 people
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Our company (Beijing Jingxian Automobile Maintenance Service Co., Ltd.) is Korea Hyundai Automobile Corporation, the only direct investment in China, after-sales service-oriented automotive professional enterprises.
The total investment of the company is US $11 million. The chairman of the company and other top managers are directly appointed by the Hyundai Motor Group. We and Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. are originally a company with the same management mode and management ideas. We can say that providing comprehensive vehicle service for our customers is completely in line with the international standards and is the first-class global standard service required by Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 1994 and its business is developing rapidly. The company was first authorized by Beijing modern automobile to sell Beijing modern brand automobile series. It is the only flagship 4S store of modern automobile invested by Korea modern group.
The company now has the right to import modern automobile dealership and sell Korea's modern automobile full range of vehicles.
In addition to the main business of the company, vehicle sales, after-sales maintenance services, modern auto parts agents throughout the country, but also responsible for the national modern, Kia car after-sales training. There are thousands of square meters of training centers, advanced audio-visual equipment. Professional lecturers trained regularly from Korea provide professional training for the after-sales maintenance personnel of Hyundai Kia automobiles throughout the country.
The company is located in the high-tech park in Zhongguancun, China. It is the only professional 4S shop in the region.
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