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Established in April 1997, Qianzu Pearl Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhejiang Shanxia Lake Pearl Group Co., Ltd.) is a Pearl culture, processing, design, sales, import and export, scientific research, medical and health care development in one, recognized by eight ministries and commissions of the state. Agricultural industrialization is one of the largest enterprises in the pearl industry. The company's seven subsidiaries are Zhuji Yingfa Pearl Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ingley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hunan Qianzu Pearl Co., Ltd., Zhuji Qianzu Pearl Breeding Co., Ltd. The company completed its initial public offering and listed on September 25, 2007. The securities are referred to as "pearls of a thousand feet". The company was awarded by China Gem & Jade Association as "China Pearl Industry Leading Enterprise". It is the vice chairman unit and group member of China Gem & Jade Association,*** agricultural product processing technology innovation organization,*** agricultural product processing and export demonstration enterprise,*** high-tech enterprise,*** AAA-level capital credit grade enterprise, and is also awarded by provincial and municipal industry and commerce. The Bureau has been awarded the "famous trade name of Zhejiang" and "the famous trademark of Zhejiang". The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental system certification. "Qianzu" brand pearl series products have won honorary titles such as "China Famous Brand Products", "China Origin Mark" and "Zhejiang Agricultural Products Gold Award Products". According to the statistics of China Gem and Jade Association, in recent years the company's "Qianzu" brand pearl series of products output, sales, market share in the same products ranked first in the country. The company has a modern factory building of 31700 square meters, equipped with advanced production equipment at home and abroad, formed a number of production lines from Pearl breeding, optimization, Necklace Jewelry processing, precision processing, etc., the annual processing capacity of Pearl ranks first in the industry. BR & gt;the company has always attached great importance to scientific and Technological Development and technological innovation, in close cooperation with scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning at the same time to develop independent research and development, and gradually formed a research and development, testing capabilities of a strong scientific and technological team. The company's "Zhejiang Shanxia Lake Pearl Research Institute" also has considerable scientific research strength, has completed and is studying a total of 28 scientific and technological achievements and projects, has been authorized or accepted 37 patents;at the same time, the introduction of advanced testing equipment, as the company's scientific research and product testing center. The company is "provincial high-tech research and development center" and "Zhejiang fresh water pearl quality testing center workstation". Since its inception, the company has advocated the business philosophy of "letting the freshwater pearls of China go to the world, beautifying the world with green jewelry," advocating "let customers feel at ease, let consumers fully meet" and striving to achieve management innovation with first-class equipment and leading technology. New and technological innovations are making unremitting efforts to create national brands and develop national industries. Zhejiang Qianzu Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a newly established subsidiary of Qianzu Pearl Group Co., Ltd. The company's development plan is to create the most influential jewelry brand in China - "Qianzu Jewelry".
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