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Zhejiang / Hangzhou / Jianggan District Private enterprises Educated/training Million RMB under 20 people
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Mia Valley Japanese is a professional Japanese training school co founded by many senior teachers in Shanghai in June 2013. The school is located in Xiasha Higher Education Park, with advantageous geographical position, convenient transportation and complete facilities. It is a new type of training institution with rigorous scholarship and realistic innovation. Miyagu has a strong team of Japanese teachers, with a number of senior teachers returning home from abroad. Its teaching methods are internationally advanced and blend teaching with pleasure so that students can master all the knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. The school has a modern classroom, multi-media classrooms, many clean and spacious indoors, is now open Japanese National University through class, Japanese study class, J-test class, Japanese introductory classes, Japanese interest classes, Japanese weekend classes, winter and summer classes. In addition, a number of Japanese professionals with working experience and rich teaching experience are employed as foreign teachers, face-to-face with students from the beginning of pronunciation correction and listening, speaking training, so that each student can master pure listening and speaking ability. It also explains Japanese traditional culture such as tea ceremony, flower ceremony and Japanese national dance, so that students can understand Japanese society, culture, customs and customs comprehensively and be familiar with Japanese thinking habits. Miyagu Japanese strives to create a comfortable and warm learning environment for every student, so that your dream is no longer far away!
Advanced teaching method
Authoritative textbooks
Tailor-made courses
Highly targeted course guidance
A professor with a view to foreign culture
Quality teacher team
Enterprise welfare
two-day weekends
Five social insurance and one
convenient transportation
food and lodgings
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