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Jiangxi province / Yingtan city / Yue Hu District others Educated/training 100Million RMB 20-99 people
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09-03 11:16
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Mr. Cormac, founder of Robin International Children's English, is an Irish friend with rich teaching experience and diversified teaching methods. The aim is to provide a pure and authentic English environment for children aged 3-12, so that children can enjoy English classroom education without going abroad. Robin International Children's English is a high-end multimedia teaching courses, combined with drama, songs, games, reading, manual, outdoor experience and other activities for interactive teaching of English learning center. The authentic English classroom, tailored for Chinese children to create the world's most advanced high-end multimedia curriculum system. "Round table" style of learning, to train future international talents, highly interactive courses to make learning content easy to grasp, deeply embedded in the memory of students, so that English is the second mother tongue of children. Nowadays, Robin International Children's English is an all-round and longitudinal development of educational services, focusing on the development and cultivation of children's English language ability, thinking and expression ability and creativity, for its seamless docking of international children's English learning is fully prepared, committed to creating a cohesive social elite. Professional team with rich industry experience and the courage to reform and innovate, perfect educational management system, and build an elite educational leadership brand of "cooperation, exchange and sharing" between eastern and Western cultures.
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