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Fujian province / Quanzhou city / Feng Ze area Private enterprises Educated/training 1000Million RMB 100-499 people
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01-07 14:11
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With years of international educational experience, Wanfu International Education has weaved a diversified and solid network of international educational cooperation. The network links home and abroad: well-known American private high schools that value elite education, universities that emphasize general education, and public school districts or educational bureaus in the United States, as well as the prestigious key high schools and excellent private schools with flexible models in the country. Wanfu provides schools at home and abroad with a personalized and diversified cooperation model. According to the characteristics and requirements of schools, Wanfu makes scientific and effective design and adjustment to maximize the resources and advantages of each school.
The good partnership between Wanfu and universities has attracted many academic leaders and experts from the education sector to join our advisory team. Their rich experience in international education is a strong academic guarantee for Wanfu. Wanfu takes full advantage of its own educational resources and platforms, holds regular Chinese and foreign principals'forums, visits and other activities, bringing together elite representatives of the educational sector to exchange ideas and discuss the present and future of international education.
In line with the concept of education as the foundation, Wanfu International Education aims to build a responsible and creative professional team, build a bridge of cooperation between colleges and universities at home and abroad, provide diversified channels for the diversified development of the world's youth, and provide all-round development of elite talents for China and the world.
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