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Since 2008, Panda has been supplying English education to schools all over Shanghai. Attached to the SiHui Training Group, Panda has more than 40 foreign and Chinese staff, and continues to grow. Foreign owned and managed, we are a fully licensed company with foreign expert and education licenses.
Therefore we provide two services. For teachers, our main focus is to provide legal visas and Category B permits for all our teachers and create a totally safe and friendly environment. Unlike many schools we have a dedicated, qualified officer in constant touch with, and visiting weekly, the foreign expert bureau (SAFEA) and exit/entry police (PSB). As a result, foreigners do not run the risk of being caught teaching illegally, without even knowing their status. The visa and permit process is explained to each teacher and regular updates on status are given. We also ensure that teachers are not taken advantage of, or mistreated by schools. We value our employees' opinions and work as a team to try and make a better future for the teachers, staff, schools, students and company. We don't just employ teachers, but help them with regular routines that we take for granted in our home countries, but are not able to do in China without the necessary language skills or knowledge of the culture. We try to be the family replacement that teachers sometimes miss.
For the schools, we provide a service of recruiting, legally obtaining visas, training, assessing and monitoring the foreign English teachers. With regular contact and visits, we maintain good relationships with the schools and teachers alike, listening to any concerns or suggestions, and taking any potential conflict away from the teacher and school.
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