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Shanghai / Shanghai / Xuhui District wholly foreign-owned Computer software/hardware Million RMB 20-99 people
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Back and Rosta Information Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. was founded in 2001, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, and set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai in 2008.
As an excellent architect of China's leading smart Museum solutions, [Byrode] Intelligent Pavilion Construction, Digital Creative Exhibition, and International Cultural Exchange Digital Platform, its business extension covers interactive media applications ("Byrode Wall"), VR pavilions, Weixin guided tours, Museum Intelligent Guide Systems, and so on. 360-degree panorama/3D virtual roaming, collection display system, exhibition hall intelligent navigation system, Museum website, collection management system, special database, Museum equipment inspection system, as well as the construction of audience behavior analysis system. Providing one-stop service for the government and museums has become a booster of international cultural exchanges in the cultural and Exhibition industry, and has built an international digital bridge for museum exhibitions between China and Hungary.
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