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Shanghai City/Shanghai City/Xuhui District Private enterprises Educated/training 20-99 people
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Founded in 2015, Shanghai Echo Morning Education Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on early education at the age of 0-6. It calls for "protecting the uniqueness of children and conveying the concept of family growth". In line with the internationally renowned concept and system of early childhood education, we are committed to developing a unique set of customized curriculum model suitable for the growth and development of Chinese children.
In 2016, the first "123 + Intellectual Intelligence Growth Center" was established in Shanghai. It is known as "the most beautiful early education center in Shanghai". It has high-end comfortable environment, high-quality curriculum system and professional teachers'operation team. In 2017, Shanghai Poly Center was established to create a new concept of "Shanghai Most Beautiful Early Education Center" - the first shared interactive space.
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