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MadScience is the global leader in children's science education. Our branches are located in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Every year millions of children and families take part in our happy science courses and activities, enjoying oral communication. MadScience has the most advanced science teaching equipment and curriculum system (all in line with STEM professional orientation and the "next generation science syllabus" of the United States). We can bring high-end and interesting science clubs, pre-school courses, in-school courses, summer camps, birthday parties and customized activities to schools, institutions, businesses and families. Mad Science focuses on providing the best STEM children. Child Science Experience is a global leader in science education for children aged 3-12. At present, it is cooperating with dozens of international schools, well-known private primary schools and kindergartens in Shanghai (Dewey, Concorde International, Peace, Yaozhong, American schools, British schools, Zhongxin International, etc.). More and more schools, institutions, businesses and families have felt the charm of "customized" scientific activities in MadScience.
MadScience is a worldwide leader in the children's science education, all our branches in over 200 countries and regions.Every year millions of children and families to participate in our happy science course s and activities, relish, word of mouth.MadScience has the most leading science teaching equipment and the curriculum system, course conf ORM to the STEM of professional direction and the United States, & quot; the next generation of science teaching outline & quot;) We can bring to schools, institutions, companies and households high-end and interesting science club after class, preschool curriculum, courses, summer camp, birthday parties and custom activities Mad Science focus At present, with dozens of international school s in Shanghai, well-known private elementary school and kindergarten (reed, Concord international, gentle, yew chung, school s in the United States, British school s, SM garten) IC and so on) Cooperative science courses. More and more schools, institutions, companies and households have been MadScience felt the charm of & quot; customised & quot; scientific activities.
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