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Sichuan province / Chengdu City Private enterprises medical/beauty treatments/heal Million RMB Over 10000 people
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Aikang Group, relying on its health care service center, IT technology platform and strong customer service system, provides health management services such as physical examination, dental services, disease detection, private doctors, workplace medical care, anti-aging, vaccination and so on to millions of customers every year.
Aikang has set up more than 100 physical examination and medical centers and nearly 50 dental service centers in 34 big cities in China, ranging from cancer screening and cardiovascular disease testing centers to high-end physical examination centers serving employees of enterprises, from foreign-related clinics to chain dental service centers, from private doctor services to enterprise staff health management, Aikang Ji The regiment has achieved all-round coverage. Ai Kang was successfully listed on NASDAQ in April 2014.
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