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Shanghai / Shanghai / Changning District Private enterprises Online game 1000Million RMB 500-999 people
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Yotta Games, founded in 2012, is a game developer, operator and publisher focused on overseas markets. Headquartered in Shanghai, and set up branches in Beijing, Taiwan and Singapore, with nearly 600 employees. The core team members from key universities, Tencent, Kaiying and other well-known game companies at home and abroad, has successfully sent a number of products to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan and South Korea, covering more than 100 million game users worldwide.
Yotta Games has developed a series of online games, such as My Student Sister Can't Be That Kind, The Mafia, The Great Chieftain, The Dead Hunter, etc. It has also launched H5 games such as My Student Sister Can't Be That Kind of H5, Mafia Storm H5, and Doomsday Z Wars, which have excelled in overseas mobile areas. Youta Network will rely on the team's three-dimensional marketing capabilities, dedicated to creating and promoting the world's favorite boutique games.
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