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Beijing / Beijing City Joint-stock company Communication(Device/operation 10000Million RMB 500-999 people
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The China ASEAN Information Port is based on the overall layout requirements of the national "along the road" initiative, building a more compact China ASEAN destiny community and an important platform for the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century. It is also the important measure to implement the new mission of the "three major positioning" of the Guangxi Autonomous Region by the central government, which is jointly built by China and ASEAN countries. Set up, building a "information Silk Road".
The China ASEAN Information Port Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China's Dongxin) is an important mission of building and operating the China ASEAN Information Port, which is approved by the State Council in the mixed ownership and market operation of the mixed ownership Limited by Share Ltd. It is located in the platform based information technology company, focusing on the "super connector" of "industry, resources and customers" around the information industry. China's Dongxin adopts the industrial layout of "one body, two wings, a combination of production and melting". "One" is the "Internet +" industry. It is the cornerstone industry of China's Dongxin; the "two wings" are financial investment and service trade respectively. The development of the industry can not be separated from the power of capital. China Dongxin has established the China Dongxin mother fund, with three subsidiaries of industrial fund, venture capital fund and M & A fund with a fund of 20 billion yuan. China's Dongxin will take the ecological circle as the center, carry out investment and financing business and service trade, provide financial services for the companies that join the China Dongxin ecological circle, and promote the rapid development of the ecosphere enterprises. Coordinated development of the three major plates to jointly promote the prosperity of the industrial ecosystem.
Looking forward to the future, China's Dongxin has the responsibility of "building information Silk Road and creating infinite interconnection", with the core value of "customer first, striving for the foundation, innovation and reaching the best", adhering to the business concept of "building, creating and sharing", providing "professional, high quality and reliable" service for customers and making the company a flat Taiwan group company, and gradually upgrading to eco group company. On the basis of the China ASEAN Information Port Industry Planning, based on the Guangxi, the whole country and the ASEAN, the construction of the "Internet +" ecological circle will be the important support of the construction of the China ASEAN Information Port in the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road, which has become an important node of the "information Silk Road" with international influence. The initiative of the state "along the road" endows China with the mission of Dongxin.
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