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China - Beijing City/Beijing City   20-99 people
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Login Time : 2022-10-29
Introduction to the vast starry sky organization:
Founded in 2013, Vast Star Education is a comprehensive training organization co founded by Ms. Liu Shufang, overseas teachers and students' parents. It has four directly operated campuses. Adhering to the educational vision of promoting development by education quality, it has creatively proposed the teaching concept of "refined and precious", and integrated elite education and noble education, effectively making up for the lack of family education concept. We should comprehensively cultivate children in terms of exam scores, art training, social communication, vision growth, solidarity and cooperation, speech expression, self-reliance, reading training, behavior habits, thinking values, etc., and deeply cultivate teaching methods that conform to the laws of children's growth and development, so that children can learn knowledge more efficiently in the same time and through the cultivation of the scientific curriculum system, Produce more significant learning outcomes. Through tracking the whole process of personalized service for children, we have tailored personalized teaching programs for each child, matched with suitable excellent teachers, and truly focused on children, taught them in accordance with their aptitude, promoted their lifelong development, and enabled them to have a bright future.