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China - Jinhua City/Zhejiang Province   1000-9999 people
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Junhwa International School is located in Jinhua city, the middle of Zhejiang province, which is a wonderful place to live and work for it's rated as one of the safest and most civilized cities in China. Our school is built beside a lake, in the middle of Jinhua city and Yiwu city. There are over 1000 students ranging from primary school to senior high school. The school cooperated with Cheltenham College and established Cheltenham Centre, whose principal is Stephen Charles Ion Jones. We now have over 270 staff, as the school is growing and expanding, we are looking for energetic, experienced and certified teachers. This is a great opportunity to work, enjoy, and develop personally and professionally while becoming part of an exciting team of professional educators. If you are in China and you want a great place to work, message me and become part of an outstanding team of professionals.
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