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****薇幼儿园 认证企业
China - Beijing City/Beijing City   20-99 people
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China Poly Group, the largest Poly Group, headquartered in Beijing, is a large central enterprise subordinate to the SASAC and one of the largest central enterprises. Poly Group in Beijing is our "grandfather company", Poly Real Estate Group in Guangzhou is our "father company", our own hele education, and poly hele education is an education company under Poly Real estate Our business started in 2016. Our business is based on the development of Poly Real Estate in the country, and we are an education company established on this basis. We mainly take the community as the trust to provide a one-stop comprehensive quality education platform for 0-18 years old: provide early education for 0-3 years old; Provide preschool education at the age of 2-6; The third is the art training for 3-12 years old, which is the hele Youth Palace. The fourth is the hele international school, which is aimed at primary, middle and high school education, as well as overseas study, overseas consulting and other businesses for 7-18 years old.