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Chamberlain Educational Services Limited
International Creative Art &Design Academy

Chamberlain Educational Services Limited is the sole recruitment representative of University of the Arts London in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau. The company was initially established in 2003 at Central, Hong Kong. In 2007, the company set up International Creative Art &Design Academy in Guangzhou. In 2016, the company established Chamberlain Institute in Hong Kong. The purpose of establishing ICA and Chamberlain Institute is to prepare students to study art and design abroad.

The foundation of International Creative Art &Design Academy (ICA) is fully supported by University of the Arts London and Chamberlain Educational Services Limited. The purpose of establishing International Creative Art &Design Academy is to cultivate the students who would like to learn more western-style creative thinking in art and design by providing a good creative environment. With the influence of the world’s most creative and dynamic ideas in London, we hope that our student will develop their potentials in creative thinking in our academy, and we believe that with their utmost efforts in art and design, they will create the world’s most celebrated brands in China which would drive the developments of the economy and culture in China.
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