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Zhongyimei (Beijing) sports culture Co., Ltd. is a service organization that provides all-round health consultation for members. It is divided into two parts: adult fitness club and children's sports hall. Since its establishment, we have been committed to creating a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Through professional sports evaluation, we have provided members with accurate and effective scientific training plans. At the same time, we have independently developed a product system based on the prevention, treatment and recovery of diseases and physical improvement of sports, so as to create personalized and professional health management schemes for members.
Ge Yimei, a subsidiary of China Yimei (Beijing) sports culture Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in sports testing services. Its product business includes body composition testing, aerobic capacity testing, nutritional diet testing, sports ECG testing, sports cardiopulmonary testing, sports blood oxygen testing and sports blood pressure testing. It is a sports technology company integrating system development and sports monitoring.
The company is a professional organization dedicated to sports scientific research and clinical experiment. Our company independently develops 734 health management to provide personalized sports ability detection and evaluation and one-stop scientific sports solutions for the public. Adhering to the mission of "exercise makes everyone healthier", we aim to provide customers with accurate, safe, effective and happy fitness training plans, realize the combination of physical education and medicine, and build a healthy ecosystem of "exercise is a good doctor".
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