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上海世外云尚欧莱幼儿园秉承“世界因我而美好”的办学理念,融合了两大教育集团的资源和优势,并与国际接轨,不仅拥有卓越的管理体系、课程体系、师资团队和教育服务,还拥有丰富的国际教育资源,致力于建成一所高起点、高水平、高品质的民办幼儿园。Shanghai World Foreign Language Yunshang Olion Kindergarten follows the school philosophy of "I make the world beautiful" and integrates the resources and advantages of the two education groups. which is in line with international standards, It possesses excellent practices in administration, curriculum, the faculty, and education services. It also has a rich collection of international educational resources, It establishes itself as a high-quality private kindergarten that offers all-round excellence to our students.
我们的愿景 Our Vision
打造卓越的国际化百年名园Building a Distinguished International Centennial 

我们的使命Our Mission让每一个孩子享受自然而有尊严的教育Allow children to enjoy a natural education with integrity and respect.

办学理念Philosophy   世界因我而美好!I make the world beautiful.

培养每一位孩子具有“中国心、世界眼”,成为自尊、自信、自主、自律的感受世界的中国小公民。To cultivate little Chinese citizens with a global perspective, who are “rooted in China”, with “eyes on the world”, and who have self-respect, confidence, self-discipline, and independence.