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****jin) 认证企业 33天全球尊享版套餐
Tianjin City/Tianjin City  Education / Training 20-99 people
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Since its establishment in 2006, the school has been highly praised by parents, and children's English performance has been improved by leaps and bounds. It aims to establish the school running concept of "cultivating good children, serving parents and contributing to the society", and realizing the educational goal of "balanced development of ability, sound personality and synchronous development of body and mind". The pure foreign teaching class provides your child with an immersive native language environment, Say goodbye to Chinglish and establish English thinking. Our school has a large class of about 20 people, a middle class of about 15 people and a small class system of 8 people. At the same time, we carry out the Cambridge grade examination and synchronize the courses with the school. The foreign teachers put in 100% of the attention. The children have interactive exercises in the classroom. More than 50% of the time in a class can speak English. It is cost-effective This is a resistance. Since the opening of the Xintiandi English training school, if you have any questions or what is not recognized, the school will refund you on the same day, and will not worry about the parents on the cost, let the children be confident in their studies and become confident in their own self-confidence. The Silver tablet of the golden tablet is not as good as the parents' reputation, and the Gold Award and silver award are not as good as what the parents praise. English education enthusiasts come to cooperate
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